Stallion Auction Terms & Conditions

Saturday, March 11, 2023

We invite all stallions to participate in our SSA. However, there is a deadline as to when stallions can be donated, so please donate your stallion by NOVEMBER 1, 2022. The SSA officially opens the weekend of the MICHIGAN MORGAN HORSE BREEDERS’ FUTURITY, September 9, 2022. Following the show, online bidding will be open and all stallions donated to date will be displayed at our booth during the Superior Morgan Breeders Sweepstakes Weanling Class and also during the Superior Morgan Horse Sale in November. Don’t be left out!

Revised 06/17/2022. Subject to change.


  1. Website and Collateral Information Pertaining to Stallions

The Michigan Morgan Horse Breeders’ Futurity (MMHBF) Stallion Service Auction (SSA) is committed to promoting the Morgan horse breed by making Morgan stallions available to qualified bidders. The owners of these stallions have agreed to donate a breeding to the highest bidder during the SSA. Subsequently, to promote these stallions and their services, the MMHBF has posted information related to each participating horse.  To do this, the MMHBF has been provided collateral information by each owner/agent including, but not limited to, details of lineage, photographs, existing get, and related documents.

These materials will be available to potential bidders by requested mailing and/or online prior to as well as in person on March 11th, 2023, the day of the SSA. The MMHBF expressly recommends that potential bidders review all the information in this document prior to placing a bid. The MMHBF will make every effort to ensure accuracy of the information provided on the stallions presented. The accuracy of each submission is the sole responsibility of each owner/agent.

In the event of changes, errors, and/or omissions to the printed program and/or website, the auctioneer will make an announcement during the SSA prior to live bidding.

  1. Eligible Mares

Only registered Morgan mares will be accepted for breeding.

  1. Get Eligibility for the 2024 Weanling Sweepstakes

All the 2024 offspring from stallions whose services were purchased in the 2023 MMHBF SSA, including those purchased after the SSA, are eligible to enter the 2024 Weanling Sweepstakes.

  1. Stallion Services Purchased

Each bidder should understand that they will be purchasing a breeding contract for the stallion of their choice placing the highest bid. The actual subsequent breeding is subject to the specific terms as outlined in the stallion owner’s contract. Each bidding participant will acknowledge that the terms in the stallion owner’s contract supersede any terms found on the MMHBF website and/or in the printed SSA program.


  1. Minimum Bids

Unless otherwise noted, the minimum bid for all services is $600 USD. Bidding increments must be a minimum of $50 USD.

  1. The Bidding Process

Bids will be accepted at any time prior to the close of bidding online or by calling the SSA co-chairs (Lori Falk-Skover/Ron Skover) at listed numbers below. Live bidding will also be available for those who are physically present at the SSA.

3. Bids Submitted via Telephone

Telephone bids can be submitted via the SSA co-chairs anytime prior to the closing time the night before the live SSA.  If you would like to make a bid via telephone during the SSA, you must register before the event. This includes providing your name, address, stallion(s) to bid on with highest and best offer for each stallion, along with payment information (credit/debit card or check). When the stallion comes up for bid, an MMHBF volunteer will refer to your registration card, which you, the bidder, completed. If you are the winner bidder, you will receive an email or telephone call (if no email address is provided) to inform you of your winning bid.


  1. Payment Forms

Winning bids can be settled by cash, major credit card, or negotiable check made payable to MMHBF.

  1. Payment Deadlines

Payment is due in full the day of the SSA. However, if you are not physically in attendance at the actual auction, full payment must be made within 7 days.

  1. Non-payment

If full payment/or alternative payment arrangement, as noted below in Section 4 (Payment Arrangements), is not made within 7 days of the close of the SSA, the backup bidder will be contacted and offered the breeding with the subsequent bonus eligibility.

  1. Payment Arrangements

Requests for payment arrangement will be taken into consideration but must be made prior to the beginning of the live SSA. The winning bidder should contact the SSA chair if payment arrangements are to be made.

  1. Breach of Contract or Non-payment

Anyone in breach of a signed contract and/or default of payment will be suspended from participating in a future MMHBF SSA.


  1. Breeding Contracts

Breeding contracts including information pertaining to collection fees, shipping fees, and attendant arrangements, will be provided to MMHBF by the stallion owner/agents. This contract will be provided to the winning bidder by MMHBF at the point of final payment confirmation.

After providing the breeding contract to the winning bidder, all subsequent arrangements are solely between the stallion owner/agent and the bidder. MMHBF and the SSA are an avenue for the purchase of the service itself, only. MMHBF and the SSA will not be held liable for any breach of contract or dispute arising from the breeding contract.


  1. Bonus Eligibility and the SSA

To be eligible for the bonus prize money awarded during the 2024 Weanling Sweepstakes, the winning bidder must have purchased the breeding during the 2023 SSA.

  1. Payment

The payment for the winning bidder must have been appropriately settled according to the MMHBF terms for the winning bidder and stallion owner to have bonus eligibility.

  1. Mare Declaration Form

Each winning bidder must submit a mare declaration form by December 1, 2023. This form provides information about the mare they will breed/have bred to the stallion service they have purchased. These forms will be available during the SSA event and here on this website under the forms tab.

  1. Carry-over Eligibility

If the winning bidder’s mare does not produce a foal after the subsequent breeding, the bonus eligibility can be carried over to the 2025 Weanling Sweepstakes only. The mare’s owner must send a written letter/documentation to the MMHBF Board of Directors stating that the mating was unsuccessful by December 1, 2024.


  1. Complimentary Eligibility

Each owner whose stallion’s service sells at the 2023 SSA is provided one complimentary, bonus-eligible baby sired by that stallion for the 2024 Weanling Sweepstakes.

  1. Mare Declaration Form

Per mare winning bidder terms (above) stallion owners must also submit their mare declaration by December 1, 2023.

  1. Transfer of Stallion Owner Bonus Eligibility

Stallion owners’ bonus eligibility is transferable only with written permission from the stallion owner submitted to SSA chair.


  1. Governing Body

Upon signing of the stallion service agreement and/or the placement of a bid, participants of the SSA acknowledge and agree that in the event of a dispute arising regarding the terms of the SSA or breeding contract, all participants will accept the decision of the MMHBF Board of Directors as binding and final.

  1. Refunds

All sales during the SSA are considered final and refunds are not offered, except in the case of an exceptional circumstance. Exceptional circumstances are defined and voted on by the duly elected board of directors of the MMHBF upon receipt of a written letter asking for consideration.  Upon the board’s acknowledgement of an exceptional circumstance existing, a credit will be issued to the complainant that is good for the next calendar year’s SSA, only.

  1. Stallion Services Not Sold During the 2023 SSA

Stallion services not sold during the 2023 SSA will remain available for purchase without bonus eligibility until April 1, 2023.

  1. Winning Stallion Service Award

The donor of the sire of the 2024 Weanling Sweepstakes winner will receive a $1,000 BONUS check for donating their stallion service.